The Atlantic Strategy Committee

The ASG members at the ASPC2019 Closing Ceremony

The Atlantic Strategy Committee (ASC)

The ASC comprises representatives from the four (4) EU Member States (France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain) bordering the Atlantic Ocean as well as representatives from the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions, the Economic and Social Committee as well as representatives from coastal regions, cities and other relevant economy and social stakeholders.  

The ASC is chaired on a rotating basis by the participating countries.  The 2020 chair-in-office is France.  

The ASC is the governing body of the Atlantic Strategy aiming to ensure the political and operational coordination of the Atlantic Action Plan and provide the framework for its implementation.  To that effect, each year the ASC Chair undertakes to organise the main Atlantic event – the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference – on one of its coastal regions seeking to bring together all stakeholders to discuss the AAP implementation and bring forward new ideas, new innovations to promote blue economy in the Atlantic.  

In 2019, Atlantic stakeholders joined together in Porto where the ASC Portuguese Chair brought forward the role of ports as innovation hubs in the Atlantic (ASPC2019, Porto); join us in 2020 in France at ASPC2020 to see what the new ASC Chair has in store.

Message from the Chair of the Atlantic Strategy Committee  

"France chairs for the second time the Atlantic Strategy Committee. 

The revised Atlantic action plan, which is expected to be adopted soon, aims to improve the implementation of the Atlantic strategy on enhanced territorial cooperation and cohesion in the EU Atlantic area.

Its new structure for better-integrated action now establishes Research and Innovation as the basis for the four action pillars we have identified: ports, skills, marine renewable energy and pollution. The activities implemented as part of the Galway and Belém Statements and related Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance cut across all pillars to complement and add value to the action plan.

Our challenge now is to ensure a successful link with the new programming period 2021-2027.

This year should help us to create strong link with Cohesion Policy programs as Interreg Atlantic Area or Regional operational programmes and with Horizon Europe.

We welcome the creation of a “Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters” as one of the five research and innovation mission areas identified during the negotiations of Horizon Europe Mission Ocean for integrated action in the Ocean. We welcome this creation as a clear sign that, although EU Member States have different maritime coastal areas and priorities, which need to be properly acknowledged and taken into account, we are all united in our desire for coherence in the maritime sector. The EU Maritime Strategies, such as the Atlantic Maritime Strategy, and these cross-cutting approaches in Mission Ocean, are important policy tools which will help us to succeed.”