The company name SAMRÆKT means TO GROW TOGETHER. We strive to join aquaculture and plant production in hydroponics together into one sustainable production process optimizing the use of natural resources and minimizing waste. Iceland is the ideal place for development of the innovative food production system aquaponics with access to clean water and abundant geothermal resources providing stable conditions all year around in a sustainable and economic way. Furthermore, all electricity in Iceland is produced from renewable energy – geothermal and hydro power.
Geographical Coverage:
Medium-sized business (headcount 10 to 250)
Lead Partner:
Svinna-verkfrædi ehf. (SVINNA), Reykjavík, Iceland
Contribution to the reduction of the pollution of the coastal environment, by using the nutrients from fish farming as valuable resources for other production systems; Development of a decoupled aquaponics technology to maintain optimum environment for both the fish and the plants; Establishment of a collaboration platform for SMEs in Europe for the future development of this sustainable circular food production technology.
The objectives of the EcoPonics project was to develop commercial aquaponics systems in Spain, Denmark and Iceland and to establish a collaboration platform for SMEs in Europe for the future development of this sustainable circular food production technology.
Results and Transferability:
Results achieved to date: The results to date include the decoupled technology, mass and energy balance results and other design parameters. A commercial unit has been built in Spain and the pilot units in Iceland and Denmark are developing to commercial size production systems. - Transferability of project results to other organisations/subregions, regions, member states: The results have been disseminated through our booklet "Aquaponics Guidelines", several articles and presentations, as well as meetings with stakeholders in many countries. The Association of Commercial Aquaponics Producers was established last year and now include 27 SMEs from 14 European countries and the group is growing.
Project/Activity location and area of focus:
The project has resulted in the implementation of an aquaponics startup in Hondarribia Spain with 6,000 m2 production area, being the largest aquaponics farm in Europe. A pilot has been run in Denmark and plans are ongoing for a rooftop farm in Copenhagen. In Iceland pilots have been run in collaboration with greenhouse farmers and expansion is ongoing. In Iceland a commercial aquaponics farm is under construction at the greenhouse farm Laugarmyri in Skagafjordur, North Iceland. Moreover, a large "Samraekt" (aquaponics) system has been planned in connection with the geothermal power plant Hellisheidi nearby the capital Reykjavik.
AAP Priority covered:
Priority 1: Promote entrepreneurship and innovation
Total project/activity cost (€):
1 680 000
Funding instrument used:
EC - EASME (EcoInnovation) and national funding
Funding contribution (€): 
860 000
Private contribution (€): 
820 000
5. Instruments driving project development