MAREA is divide in 4 parts: •To mutualize coastal observation and develop real time monitoring systems at high frequency and resolution. •To develop local tools for modelling very locally the effects of storms to warn flood waves and erosion process to help decisions-making. •To analyze sedimentary stocks dynamics and risk erosion to define recommendation about coastal and sedimentary management. •To introduce reflections about risk culture in the public policies. MAREA partners want to unify their cross border skills to develop innovating operative solutions for local administrations accountable for populations and activities’ protection.
Geographical Coverage:
Public authority (local / regional)
Lead Partner:
Communauté d’Agglomération Pays Basque (Nouvelle Aquitaine, France)
During 2013 and 2014, storms have impacted strongly the Bask Coast on both sides of the border putting under risk persons’ and properties’ safety. In front of this situation, Bask local Administrations want to improve their environmental knowledge at local scales to better anticipate coastal risk management. To meet this need, local administrations and scientists have been coordinated by the GIS Littoral Basque to develop MAREA research project which purpose is to create local operative tools to help decisions-making about coastal risks and to build a transnational marine energy strategy in the Atlantic Area creating an adequate political and social environment for the marine energies.
• To make more operational the risks management at the coast areas using local indicators and sharing observation and monitoring networks in real time. • To improve the anticipation and risks prevention in the coast in a climate change context. • To raise awareness of the politicians and technical teams of the Basque coast regarding the importance of risk prevention culture.
Results and Transferability:
Results achieved to date: • A cross border observation network setting up sensors, buoys, video systems in different beaches and ports in the Basque coast (Bermeo, Donostia, Zarautz, Biarritz, Anglet St Jean de Luz). • Analysis of past storms thanks to existing data to optimize statistics analysis and develop robust models to generate local alerts • Development of waves-model at very high resolution with local oceanographic data to predict very precisely where and when can be surged risks submersion and erosion on the bask coast Transferability of project results to other organisations/subregions, regions, member states: Tools and methods developed by MAREA will be presented to international scientific community (in conferences, scientific reviews…) and could be adapted to other coastal zones in Europe and worldwide. In addition, the results of MAREA public investigations and all the methodologies will be reproducible and free diffused on the GIS Littoral Basque web site.
Project/Activity location and area of focus:
Bask Coast (from Bermeo in Spain to Anglet in France)
AAP Priority covered:
Priority 2: Protect, secure and develop the potential of the Atlantic marine and coastal environment
Priority 4: Create a socially inclusive and sustainable model of regional development
Total project/activity cost (€):
1 545 035
Funding instrument used:
EC / Interreg VA - Espagne-France-Andorre (POCTEFA)
Funding contribution (€): 
1 004 273,00
Private contribution (€): 
540 762,00
1. Communication, Awareness Campaigns and Outreach