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National Hubs

National Hub France

Frédérick​ Herpers

Frédérick is an engineer in hydrography and oceanography. He has more than 13 years of experience in geosciences (hydrography, oceanography, geography) for civilian and military purposes (at French hydrographic office (SHOM) but also at French procurement agency for the Defence ministry. He has 5 years of experience (2008-2011) in design and implementation of integrated maritime and coastal policies (EU, national, regional and local level) as IMP advisor for French Prime Minister at Secretariat general de la Mer. He contributed to the elaboration and adoption of the French maritime policy in 2009, the law transposition of MSFD as the environmental pillar of the national strategy for the sea and the shoreline. He was project manager in French maritime consultation (2009): Grenelle de la mer mainly in charge of inter-ministerial coordination. As a consultant since 2014 at Stratégies Mer et Littoral (SML), he has been working in marine renewable energy strategy at regional or subregional level (Britanny, Loire Atlantique) in maritime strategies definition and strategic planning at local level (Pays de Lorient, Var, Loire-Atlantique, Indian Ocean (Réunion, Mayotte)). He proposed for EU FP7Coastgap project solutions to strengthen maritime macroregion political dynamics. He is in charge of SML participation in WestMed Initiative since early 2016. He is leading the assessment of Blue economy potentials in the Southern Mediterranean Sea (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel) within EU IMP CC project.  He speaks French and English fluently.

National Hub Ireland

Elizabeth Gavin

Elizabeth Gavin has over 23 years experience working on EU related programmes, firstly as an EU official in both Brussels and The Hague for the European Commission, Eurojust and Clean Sky JU. Over the past 4.5 years based in Ireland, Elizabeth has been supporting companies and third level organisations with EU funding opportunities, including working on maritime and blue economy initiatives in Ireland. Elizabeth has amassed knowledge from both within the EU institutions and in the research and innovation business community striking a unique balance in approach and understanding which she can bring to the Atlantic Assistance Mechanism in her role as National Hub coordinator for Ireland.

National Hub Portugal

Miguel Marques

Miguel is the Founder and Global Leader of PwC Economy of the Sea (Blue Economy) Worldwide Centre of Excellence, where he has been working in for 16 years as a Maritime/ Blue Economy Policy Expert. He is the author and project manager of the PwC Economy of the Sea (Blue Economy) site (in Portuguese and in English languages).  As a Maritime / Blue Economy policy expert, Miguel has already visited and interviewed the blue economy leaders in more than 50 coastal countries around the world to understand their status and best practices in the Maritime/ Blue Economy areas and produced policy written documents about strategies in maritime / sea-basin-based regions namely: European Atlantic, Black Sea, Red Sea, Guinea Golf, Macaronesia, Caribbean, Portuguese Speaking Countries Community, Turkey, Indonesia, India, USA, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, France, Macaronesia (Madeira, Azores, Canary islands and Cape Verde). Thanks to his consistent development, pioneering contributions and social responsibility efforts in Blue Economy, Miguel received the First-Class Naval Cross from the Portuguese Navy, in 2017.

National Hub Spain

Marta Pascual

Marta Pascual

Marta Pascual is currently also the Spanish National Hub for the Western Mediterranean Initiative (WestMED). She is former participant of the EU MSP Platform and has also been working as a Senior Associate Expert for the EU Commission and ECORYS in works related to MSP for Blue Growth and Blue Economy. Academically, she holds a PhD in Maritime Spatial Planning, is a former Ikerbasque Post-Doctoral Researcher and currently a Guest Researcher at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3, Spain), where she is advancing with the Eco-modelling Research Team on the development of marine ecosystem services models using their developed semantic-modelling platform that uses artificial intelligence – ARIES.  She has more than 11 years of professional experience in the application and implementation of various European environmental and maritime directives such as the MSFD; MSPD; Habitats and Birds Directive, WFD. Her experience in research include various lines of spatial analysis, stakeholder engagement, scenario mapping, participatory mapping and marine and coastal research applied to maritime policies such as MSP, Ecosystem Services Mapping/Modelling, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Biological Valuation and Ecosystem Services Valuation (ESV).