LC-MG-1-9-2019 : Upgrading transport infrastructure in order to monitor noise and emissions

Activities shall focus on integrated equipment detecting noise limits in real time, automatic tolling systems, new materials and negative–emissions solutions for infrastructures applications.  

Proposals should address all the following aspects:

  • Development of equipment for integration into infrastructure that would be able to detect and identify (plate recognition) in real-time vehicles exceeding the limits of noise (Db(A)) and emissions (CO2, NOx, PM);
  • Development of related I2V systems aimed at informing the transgressor of the emissions/noise limits being exceeded and preventing access to delimited low-emission zones;
  • Development of automated tolling systems that take into account the level of emissions from individual vehicles;
  • Development of new materials and negative-emissions solutions for infrastructure application, apt to mitigate noise and emissions.

Road and rail networks are primarily addressed, but research should not exclude solutions to reduce nuisance coming also from air and water transport.

Wednesday, 16 January, 2019 - 17:00
Geographical Coverage: European
The available budget is 7.000.000,00 €.
Sector of Activity:
Research & innovation
Transport (port connectivity and accessibility)