Seafood Processing Capital Investment Scheme

The objective of the Seafood Processing Development Scheme is to enhance the competitiveness of the seafood processing sector. This includes processing of all fishery and aquaculture products and relates to capital investment projects that seek to: reduce energy costs; improve safety, health, quality, hygiene, and traceability; and add value through processing, presentation, and packaging.Beneficiaries may only have one active project under this Scheme. BIM will not accept a new project application from a beneficiary under the Seafood Capital Investment Scheme while previously approved projects are outstanding.

Eligible costs will include capital investments:

  • contributing to energy saving or reducing the impact on the environment, including waste treatment
  • improving safety, hygiene, health and working conditions
  • supporting the processing of catches of commercial fish that cannot be destined for human consumption
  • relating to the processing of by-products resulting from main processing activities
  • relating to the processing of organic aquaculture products
  • that lead to new or improved products or new or improved processes, or new or improved management and organisation systems.

Please see your brochure for full information on eligible and ineligible expenditure.

Friday, 24 May, 2019 - 17:00
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