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  • Grant support will be provided to those Hosting Workshops and Conferences, Researcher Travel Awards, Other Marine Networking Initiatives
    Geographical Coverage: National
    Grant support was provided in the following three categories: A. Hosting Workshops and Conferences - Maximum Grant-Aid available €2,000 B. Researcher Travel Awards - Maximum Grant-Aid available €1,000 for travel outside of Europe, €750 for travel within Europe and €500 for travel to Conferences/Workshops for Job-Bridge and Intern staff. C. Other Marine Networking Initiative - Maximum Grant-Aid available €1,000 for travel outside of Europe and €750 for travel within Europe.
    Sector of Activity:
    Research & innovation
  • The key aim of this fund is to support capital project led activities enabling job creation and supporting the sustainable and long term growth of the marine sector by ensuring the regeneration and expansion of its capital infrastructure network.
    Geographical Coverage: Regional
    £ 20.000 to £ 500.000
    Sector of Activity:
    Other Sector of Activity: 
    Marine and maritime