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Key Documents

Atlantic Action Plan - 2021 Implementation Report English      
A new approach for a sustainable blue economy in the EU - Transforming the EU's Blue Economy for a Sustainable Future English

Atlantic Action Plan v.2.0 - Brochure English

New Action Plan in the Atlantic - Infographic      

A new approach to the Atlantic maritime strategy – Atlantic action plan 2.0 An updated action plan for a sustainable, resilient and competitive blue economy in the European Union Atlantic area

Regenerating our ocean and waters by 2030      

EU Blue Economy Report 2020      

Briefing Paper SIMAtlantic Workshop 6th ASPC, Porto, 13 November 2019


Ocean Health: Projects that Innovate A sample of projects funded between 2014 and 2019


Blue Economy - Established Sectors      

Our Vision for a Clean Planet for All      

Declaration of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles      

The 2019 Annual Economic Report on the EU Fishing Fleet (STECF 19-06)      

Atlantic Action Plan - Consultation Workshops (November 2018, Liverpool, United Kingdom & November 2018, Bordeaux, France)


Atlantic Action Plan - Consultation Workshops (September 2018, Gran Canaria, Spain; September 2018, Viana do Castelo, Portugal; October 2018 - Dublin, Ireland)    


Blue Bioeconomy Forum Report on the 25 June 2019 event    


Blue Economy Report 2019      


Blue Bioeconomy Forum - Report on the 7 December event      

Improving international ocean governance      

2018 Annual Economic Report on EU Blue Economy      

FARNET:  FLAG Support to Women in Fisheries and Aquaculture      

Study on the economic benefits of MPAs      

Commission Staff Working Document on the mid-term review of the Atlantic Action Plan


Study feeding into the mid-term review of the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan      

Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation       

Sustainable Blue Economy: productive seas and oceans       

Belem Statement on Atlantic Research and Innovation Cooperation      

What is the blue economy?      

Event Report of 3rd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference Dublin 2016 fr pt es

Developing a Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic Ocean Area

Scoping study for the use of financial instruments under the EMFF and related advisory support activities - Final Report, June 2015      

Safeguarding the future of our seas, generating new prosperity

Action Plan for a Maritime Strategy in the Atlantic Area

Marine Knowledge 2020 - From seabed mapping to ocean forecasting

Blue Growth, Opportunities for marine and maritime sustainable growth    

Study in support of policy measures for maritime and coastal tourism at EU level      

A European Strategy for more Growth and Jobs in Coastal and Maritime Tourism      

The Future of Ocean Energy      

Study in support of Impact Assessment work on Blue Biotechnology      

Fisheries and Aquaculture in Europe