17th International Meiofauna Conference

The International Meiofauna Conference is the major assembly for scientists to present and share advances in meiofaunal research.  Since 1969, leading meiofauna specialists from around the world have been meeting every 3 years to exchange ideas and experiences in diverse fields of Meiofauna research. 

Meiofauna plays an important role in freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems.  Complex interactions between meiofauna and their environment, including other organisms, create an intricate web of relationships that collectively affect a range of ecosystem processes, including those that are valued by society.  Scientists are increasingly challenged to translate findings from empirical studies into evidence that support ecosystem management.  The 17th International Meiofauna Conference (SeventIMCO) addresses this challenge by encouraging scientists to think beyond and across disciplines and ecosystems, to embrace innovative technologies and approaches, and to consider the impact and uptake of their research findings beyond the scientific community.  In light of the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, participants are particularly encouraged to consider and discuss the contribution meiofauna studies can make to support management decisions regarding the sustainable use of the oceans, seas and freshwater ecosystems.

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Évora, Portugal
7-12 July 2019