7th EMSEA conference

Join fellow marine educators at EMSEA’s 7th annual conference, hosted by the Azores' Regional Fund for Science and Technology (FRCT).

Miles out into the North Atlantic Ocean a group of stunning islands stands out. The Azores, technically still located in Europe as part of Portugal, are a good two hour flight from the continent. These nine volcanic islands rest at the intersection of the Eurasian, African, and North American tectonic plates. The remote archipelago is offering all the feats you could want for perfect geo hiking or ocean adventures. The lush green landscape is filled with dry calderas, craters lakes, fumaroles and thermal water springs.  Oceanographic features of the area show steep underwater walls and ridges. Due to the up-welling of nutrient-rich deepwater the Azores are a magnet for marine life. The area serves as a feeding ground for many migrating species.  Combine this with the tasty Portuguese food and some jaw-dropping beaches, and you have the perfect EMSEA conference setting.  

The conference is held on São Miguel. This is the biggest island of the archipelago. More than half of the Azorean population occupies this island. The main city is Ponta Delgada. the tourist heart of the island. Here are the main airport and harbor of the island, a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and cultural sites.

São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
16-20 Sept. 2019