Blue Economy Conference at Sealogy

Update 26/02/2020:  Event has been postponed to 20-22 November 2020.  Further details to be communicated in due time.

Towards a revamped Blue Economy approach

This Conference offers the opportunity to debate the importance of a sustainable blue economy to deliver climate resilient, healthy and productive ocean and seas in Europe. To deliver the new Green Deal. It comes at a timely moment, when the European Commission has just announced all of its ambitious measures and targets in terms of a climate neutral transition by mid century, has delivered its vision more specifically for a European Green Deal and is in the process of putting forward a robust implementation framework for them – one into which the contribution of the blue economy is of huge importance as a building block.

This Conference will provide the opportunity to explore and debate the importance of the sea and the environmental, social and economic benefits of a sustainable blue economy, as well as the support that can be provided in this respect.

The EU is actively promoting the sustainable contribution of the marine and maritime sectors to this overall climate neutrality ambition. This conference is yet another opportunity to provide a platform for discussions and deliberations as to the prospects of blue economy and how the opportunities offered by this inevitable transformation of our society and economy can also be harnessed for a booming blue economy in particular. For this to take place, it is necessary for the European institutions and the Member States to take a responsible look not only at the European Union’s climate and environmental ambitions but also at the financial and social challenges as well as at possible structural changes involved in the implementation of all proposed measures.

Discussions on each panel will particularly zoom in on specific issues, namely:

  1. Blue Economy and Sustainability - opportunities and actions
  2. The socio-economic value of blue ecosystems
  3. Blue careers and blue skills of the future

Conference main topics include:  

  • Green Deal and the Blue Economy
  • Blue Growth
  • Blue financing
  • Maritime Clusters
  • Horizon Europe
  • Ecosystem services
  • Aquaculture
  • Fisheries
  • Blue skills
  • Ocean Literacy

The conference is organised by the European Commission's Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in coordination with SEALOGY.

Registration is open

Ferrara, Italy
20-22 Nov. 2020