Collaboration Opportunities for a Thriving Maritime Economy

The Maritime Economy of Ireland has huge potential. In order to realise this potential, it is important to recognise that people and organisations collaborating towards a common goal will always generate better results than working in isolation.

This event is about finding opportunities to collaborate and opportunities to drive business development.

You are invited to participate in conversations, hear and share information and ideas in an area of particular interest to you. Please choose one of the topic areas below;

Topic 1:  “International Shipping Services, Industry Clusters and Innovation –a strategy incorporating all three to deliver scale, impact and business growth. What would it look like?”

Topic 2:  “Start –up Forum – What are the live business opportunities for Maritime and Technology Start-ups and who is here to help?” and  “Learning from Space – Opportunities that exist for Start-ups to use Space Technology, Data & Supports to drive new business development”

Presentations and Panel discussions featuring; Enterprise Ireland, InterTrade Ireland, Copernicus Hackathon Ireland, ESA Space Solutions Ireland, Blackrock Castle Observatory, VLINC and start-ups; Verifish, Techworks Marine, Eire Composites, ARQ Asset Solutions and Exceedence. Crowdfunding, Grants, Funding, Blockchain, IOT, Fin Tech, Space Tech, Space Data, International Supports and more.

Cork, Ireland
2 May 2019