Consultation Workshop on Atlantic Strategy and Action Plan - France

The European Commission, in cooperation with the France, Spain, Portugal, the UK and Ireland, parties to the Atlantic strategy, is organising a series of consultation workshops on the future of the strategy and its action plan. We are happy to invite you to the consultation in France on 21 November in Bordeaux, organised together with the Secrétariat général de la mer (SGMer), the CPMR – Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions and the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine. It will focus on:

  • The role of Ports in the blue economy with a focus on marine exploration
  • Blue Skills
  • Environmental infrastructure and coastal erosion.

The aim is to collect ideas about joint and collaborative initiatives and actions in this domain to feed the new Atlantic action plan, beyond 2019.

The consultation will gather selected, well-recognised experts from the above-mentioned countries, who will share their vision and experience in the field. It will feature a panel discussion on the EU blue economy and related French updates, and the role of the Atlantic strategy, followed by 4 breakout sessions to discuss the above mentioned topics in detail..

We would like to invite you to manifest your interest in participating at the event by filling out the short online form by 18 November 2018.
All registered participants will receive a copy of a discussion paper that will feed into the breakout sessions well ahead of the event. 

Bordeaux, France
21 November 2018