National Conference on Climate Change - Ireland as a Leader in Climate Change Action

This conference will explore the scale and complexity of transformational changes needed across society and the economy to respond to climate change. We will hear from international speakers on climate action in other countries and discuss the implementation challenges and opportunities here in Ireland. We will explore how to move from aspiration to concrete, measurable and achievable actions to radically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and create a climate resilient, flourishing and engaged society and economy. This conference, which is to be repeated annually, will become an important part of the knowledge landscape for national climate change transition.

In addition to prestigious keynote speakers, this event will include four sequential panel sessions dealing with Agriculture, Transport, Energy, and Adaptation.

The event will be relevant to policy makers, Local and Regional Governments, Agencies, NGOs, Academics, and professionals dealing with Climate Change mitigation and adaptation challenges.

Dublin, Ireland
15 May 2019