SEALOGY® Digital Preview is a virtual marketplace event supported by the European Commission, taking place virtually between 19 and 21 November 2020. 

At SEALOGY® Digital Preview stakeholders of sea and fish industries are able to connect, find business opportunities, discuss on the most advanced technologies and best practices for the protection and promotion of the marine environment and contribute to the European Programming 2021-2027 and sustainable development.

SEALOGY® Digital Preview, created to guarantee continuity to the preparatory activities for the live exhibition rescheduled for 2021, to provide answers to the many partners and interested stakeholders, to expand and develop new content that has become a priority for Blue Economy companies, includes the BLUE WEBINARS section offering a rich program of meetings with the participation of a large panel of Italian and international speakers on the most current topics of Blue Economy. 

Among the highlights of the program: 

19 November

  • Opening conference with representatives of Italian and International Institutions (IT/EN)       
  • Supporting and financing investments in Blue Economy (IT/EN)
  • The European "From FARM TO FORK" strategy in the context of Blue Economy (IT/EN).

21 November

  • Education and training for the development of skills in Blue Economy (IT/EN).

Check out the detailed program and register to attend the webinars!

SEALOGY® Digital Preview organises also:

  • The B2BLUE - Blue Brokerage, a B2B brokerage event to meet other Blue Economy companies and start business relations and partnerships
  • The BLUE SHOW section with stories about corporate projects, information and awareness campaigns, real life experiences, training tutorials, interviews and thematic cooking shows. 


Online event
19-22 Nov. 2020