1st Atlantic Project Awards 2016


Atlantic Project Awards


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The Atlantic Project Awards are designed to honour outstanding success stories, achieved by projects in the geographical area covered by the Atlantic Strategy and that are related to the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan.

The Atlantic Project Awards will showcase and promote the individual winners and at the same time highlight the incorporation and scaling up of best practices at regional and national levels while promoting the key priorities of Atlantic Strategy.

The Atlantic Project Awards will be granted to 5 projects (1 winner in each of the 5 categories below) that come under the umbrella of the Atlantic Strategy and Action Plan Priorities, as recognition of outstanding performance in relevant areas/sectors. Furthermore, the Awards aim to further raise visibility for both Atlantic Strategy and the Action Plan.

The guidelines below provide background, guidance and practical information to organisations interested in applying for an Atlantic Project award, which will be recognised at the 3rd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference.

Awards will be made for each of the 4 categories:

  • Entrepreneurship & innovation
  • Atlantic Marine and coastal environment
  • Accessibility and connectivity
  • Sustainability

A Special Award will be announced for the following category

  • International Cooperation

The jury of 6 judges will include EC representatives, Atlantic Strategy Group (ASG) representatives, academics, and representatives from business/industry.

The jury will review all applications and score each entry against strategy, innovation, implementation, results and relevance with Atlantic “Blue Growth” key priorities.

The jury members will independently score each award applicant on a dedicated scorecard, and a final evaluation meeting will be held to enable sufficient time for the winners to be invited to the Awards Ceremony.

There will be one winner per category.

The winner applicants will be informed via email and they will be invited to attend and receive their trophies at the Awards Ceremony which will be held as part of the Atlantic Stakeholder Conference (Dublin, Ireland - 27 September 2016).

The Awards trophy

An award trophy will be offered to the winners, and certificates of merits awarded for short-listed projects. Additionally, short promotional videos will be produced for each awarded project and will be disseminated through the Assistance Mechanism communication channels.

The winners will also be recognised by general media coverage.

NOTE: Travel and accommodation expenses for attending the Awards ceremony in Dublin on 27/09 will be covered for the winner of each category by the Support Team for the Atlantic Action Plan.