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Release of the European Ocean Observing Conference Report


The report of the EOOS Conference 2018 and the related Call to Action has been published and it contains the key conclusions of the conference as well as highlights of the interactions and dialogues of the event, from plenary presentations to panel discussions and from group breakout discussions to pitch presentations and exhibition showcases.

This event brought together and connected diverse ocean observing stakeholder communities, from science, public authorities, industries including fisheries, energy, transport, and wider society.  It was an opportunity to showcase work of several ocean observing stakeholders as well as allow for networking and exchange of information to help shape the future European Ocean Observing System (EOOS).  The Call to Action, speakers’ presentations, pictures and video of the event are also available on the Conference website.  

The event was co-organised by the Secretariats of EMODnet, EuroGOOS and the European Marine Board with the support of the European Commission