How much do you know about EU blue funding?

The Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan and the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) invite you to take part in this totally un-representative and non-scientific short quiz to test your knowledge on blue funding.

There are 10 short questions which will take just 5 minutes of your precious time. The results will be discussed during the EASME's workshop on EU blue funding to be held on 13 November at the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference in Porto.

Given 10 seconds could you explain to a child what the Executive Agency for SMEs – EASME - is and does?
Alright hotshot, which of these do you think EASME manages? (multiple selection possible)
Since you know all EASME programmes, have you ever applied to any?
Okay, but do you know what COSME does? (choose one)
Next question, what do you think EEN refers to?
Ok let´s play ´Did you know that....?'. Select the sentences which you think are true (get them all right or you receive zero points):
Not long to go now, stay sharp. In 2012, the European Commission adopted a communication on blue growth identifying 5 key sectors. Which of the sectors below was NOT included as a blue growth sector?
A fill in the gap question now, everybody loves these. On 16 January 2018, the first ever Europe-wide strategy on …......... was adopted, as part of the transition towards a more circular economy.
You are almost to the end...come on you can do it. The Atlantic Action Plan was created to support the Atlantic Strategy. Give us your best shot on the following figures: 1. The year the Atlantic Strategy was adopted 2. The number of priorities the Atlantic Action Plan has
You have made it to the final question, don´t falter now, you can do it, here we go. The EASME Maritime DataHub was created to track projects in the Atlantic area. Take your best shot at the following figures: 1. The amount of financing which has been provided for the Atlantic area under the Atlantic Action Plan since 2014 2. The number of projects in the EASME Maritime DataHub found in the Atlantic alone

We are eternally grateful for your admirable efforts answering these questions.