Encuentra Oportunidades de Financiación

  • Deadline: 
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    Geographical Coverage: European
    Sector of Activity:
    Ocean renewable energy
  • Grant support will be provided to those Hosting Workshops and Conferences, Researcher Travel Awards, Other Marine Networking Initiatives

    Geographical Coverage: National
    Grant support was provided in the following three categories: A. Hosting Workshops and Conferences - Maximum Grant-Aid available €2,000 B. Researcher Travel Awards - Maximum Grant-Aid available €1,000 for travel outside of Europe, €750 for travel within Europe and €500 for travel to Conferences/Workshops for Job-Bridge and Intern staff. C. Other Marine Networking Initiative - Maximum Grant-Aid available €1,000 for travel outside of Europe and €750 for travel within Europe.
    Sector of Activity:
    Research & innovation