Maritime Spatial Planning

The objective of this call for proposals is to support the establishment and implementation of Maritime Spatial Plans in line with the objectives pursued in the framework of the MSP Directive. More specifically, this action intends to support Member States in setting up maritime spatial plans and ensuring plans are coherent and coordinated across marine regions concerened.

In order to align the proposals to the objectives of this call and considering that actions co-funded under this call will be finalised at the time that martime plans have to be adopted in line with the MSP Directive (31.03.2021), applicants are required to address the following priorities in their proposals:

  • Support the work of MSP competent authorities and/or inter-ministerial bodies in the establishment and adoption of maritime spatial plans;
  • Where relevant, support the development of cross-border cooperation on MSP with bordering Member States and third countries with a view to ensure that martime spatial plans are coherent and coordinated across marine regions concerened;
  • Making use of the best available data and organise the sharing of information, necessary for maritime spatial plans, by using relevant mechanism and tools (e.g. INSPIRE, EMODNet).

The geographical area covered by the action is the Mediterranean. Proposals can focus on a part or sub-region of this sea basin (the Western Mediterranean Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Central Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean-Levantine Sea, the Adriatic Sea). For each area, at least two coastal EU Member States shall be involved.  Activities should normally relate to the EU waters, but may extend into neighbouring waters, if this is necessary for the implementation of the project (in view of its nature and its objectives).

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Maritime Spatial Planning