Environ 2017: Putting the Eco in the Economy

Athlone, Ireland
10/04/2017 – 12/04/2017

The world in 2017 is at a critical juncture regarding several issues including climate change, global access to clean water, the rise of antibiotic resistant microorganisms and concomitant socioeconomic issues which are under pinned by economics. This year’s colloquiums overarching theme of "Putting the Eco in the Economy" should stimulate lively conversations on the role of ecology in the economy. The word Eco is derived from the Greek word Oikos which means household and maybe if we view the environment and the economy as part of the same entity we might have a better understanding of our complex world.

Environ is the longest running and largest forum for environmental researchers in Ireland with over 275 delegates attending the event annually. It provides a high-visibility platform for young researchers to present their findings to an audience drawn from academia, government bodies and industry.

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