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March 2017
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In a city where its maritime heritage is never far from view, you are invited to attend the 2017 Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference in Glasgow, Scotland on November 8th, 2017.

The concept of Regeneration features strongly in Scotland’s largest city. Standing on the banks of the Clyde and once the power house of British mercantile marine industries, Glasgow has restructured itself through regeneration and innovation to encompass environmental protection and industrial diversification alongside traditional industries and a renowned academic community.  Now the city looks towards social inclusivity and sustainable economic growth to secure its competitiveness in a global environment.

This coming November, the 4th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference will focus on topics related to Priority 4 of the AAPCreate a socially inclusive and sustainable model of regional development”. More specifically, the event will emphasize on the theme of socially inclusive sustainable maritime growth on the European Atlantic Seaboard.  The conference will be held at the Technical & Innovation Centre of the University of Strathclyde in the heart of the city and a short distance from the River Clyde and its waterfront.

The annual Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference offers a great transnational publicity opportunity to deliver the AAP key messages and further promote awareness of its achievements. The annual conference is the central hub for stakeholders of the Atlantic Strategy to meet, seek ways of cooperation, share information and identify funding opportunities and partnerships for their projects.

The Support Team has kept busy with the preparation and implementation of Roadshows in respective Atlantic Regions:

The 4th Roadshow in Portugal was held on 23-25/03/2017 in the Algarve and has been organized within the framework of the Mar Algarve Expo 2017 through the Funding Labs.  One-to-one clarification sessions on financing opportunities and the establishment of partnerships aimed at companies, public entities, research centers, non-governmental organizations that help to boost the economy of the sea in its different aspects were carried out.

The 3rd Roadshow in Ireland will be held on 10-12/04/2017 in conjunction in conjunction with Environ 2017 at the Athlone Institute of Technology.

The 3rd Roadshow in France will be held on 13/04/2017 in Nouvelle Aquitaine region and has been organized in collaboration with the Regional Council of New Aquitaine, the Euro Region New Aquitaine Euskadi and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bayonne Basque Country.

The 3rd Roadshow in Spain will be held on 28/04/2017 in collaboration with the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the context of the Conference Mapsis 2017 organized by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Support Team has completed the production of the new informative video on the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan. The new animated video, ultimately aiming at raising awareness of the AAP and the support available to all stakeholders, is available in two versions, an extended one available in EN, FR, ES and PT, as well as a short one introducing the National Units EN, ES, FR, IE, PT.




National Unit Ireland – Roadshow in association with Environ 17, 10/04/2017 – 12/04/2017 - Athlone Institute of Technology, Dublin Rd, Ireland


Réunion d’information régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine sur le Plan d’Action Atlantique, 13/04/2017 - CCI de Bayonne Pays Basque, 50-51 Allées Marines, 64102 Bayonne, France

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