BG-05-2019: Multi-use of the marine space, offshore and near-shore: pilot demonstrators

Horizon 2020 funded projects have helped to identify and tackle regulatory and technological barriers and develop business models to reduce the risk for operators and investors. Before reaching a stage enabling large scale installations, it is necessary to develop pilots for demonstration in a real environment of multi-use platforms or co-location of activities in a marine space with their logistic support, including service vehicles and port facilities. Pilots could include the reconversion/reuse of decommissioned platforms. The pilots shall aim to demonstrate in a real environment the viability (economic, social and environmental) of the multi-uses of a marine space for the output of at least two economic activities (such as renewable energy, aquaculture, marine bio-resources and biotechnologies, maritime activities and related services or tourism).

Wednesday, 23 January, 2019 - 17:00
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Clean Energy, Blue Growth, Socio-economic science and humanities