Encuentra Oportunidades de Financiación

  • Su finalidad es el apoyo de proyectos empresariales que impliquen la incorporación y adaptación de tecnologías novedosas a nivel sectorial, y que supongan una ventaja competitiva para la empresa.
    Geographical Coverage: National
    Final Beneficiaries: Companies, regardless of size. Minimum fundable budget: €175,000. Amount of funding: up to 75% of eligible budget (funds CDTI) and can reach 85% if you are co-funded with FEDER funds.
    Sector of Activity:
    Research & innovation
  • The key aim of this fund is to support capital project led activities enabling job creation and supporting the sustainable and long term growth of the marine sector by ensuring the regeneration and expansion of its capital infrastructure network.
    Geographical Coverage: Regional
    £ 20.000 to £ 500.000
    Sector of Activity:
    Other Sector of Activity: 
    Marine and maritime